Address FAQs

What address services do you offer?

Our address services can be placed into two groups:-

Official company address services:-

1. UK registered office address
2. Directors and PSC service address

Business address and mail forwarding:-

1. Home worker virtual address service
2. Limited company mail forwarding

Do you accept parcels?

No, all services are for letters only.

How do we identify which is your mail?

All mail is identified by the company name, and so this should become the first line of your address.

Which address should I put on my web site?

Registered Address
Limited companies and LLP’s are legally required to display their registered address on their business websites and stationary as well as publicly at Companies House. If you have purchased our registered address from us you should include our address but not promote the address as your main contact address. Our registered office address service should not be used as the company trading address. If your website visitors regularly send mail to the registered address then you will need to consider upgrading to include our mail forwarding service as we will reject non-government mail if you have only purchased a registered address service from us.
Mail forwarding address / home worker address
As this service covers general business letters it can be used on your website The address should include as part of it, your company name or people may write to you at the virtual address with no company name. This makes it difficult for us to identify who the mail belongs to. You cannot use our address for goods or parcels to be forwarded though, it is only for letter type post. Please do not use the address as a returns address for items you sell as we will reject all packages we believe contain goods.

What is a registered office address?

A registered office address is the official registered address of a limited company. It must be a physical location in the UK and is the delivery address used for government mail, such as correspondence from Companies House and HMRC. All companies are required by law to maintain a registered office at all times.

Can you assist in changing our existing registered address?

Yes, we will make the change for you. If you can provide us with your WebFiling Code we can change the address online, or we can complete and send a paper form for to you to sign and return for filing.

Can the registered office address be my home address?

A private residence can be used for this purpose, but this information will be disclosed on the public record and is therefore available across the internet, including to data collection sites. For reasons of privacy and professionalism, most people prefer to use a non-residential address.

What is official government (statutory) mail?

This is classified as mail from the following agencies: Companies House, HMRC, Government Gateway, Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), The Pensions Regulator (TPR), Office for National Statistics, Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and Court documents.

Does the registered office have to be the trading address of the company?

No, the registered office address is not the company’s place of business. In fact more often than not the registered address of a company is provided by a registered company services provide, such as Company Service UK. The address is on the public register, available to everyone.

Can we use the registered office address as our trading address?

No, this service is for the address that is to be entered on the public record for the delivery of statutory mail only. It must not be used as a trading address or for general business correspondence. As well as the official publicly registered address of the company an alternative correspondence or trading address must also be shown on letters and web sites.

Can I renew my registered office address?

Yes. We do not have subscriptions or monthly fees.  Instead we will write to you shortly before the renewal date of your service with us. We do not automatically charge you and do not charge any cancellation fees. We have many clients that have used our service for up to 20 years and the renewal of services is easy and convenient.


Excellent service, thank you, we will continue to use your services for all our company requirements.

Mr A Jones, senior partner – UHY Hacker Young Chartered Accountants

We would like to thank you for your assistance in this matter and would like to state that we would not hesitate in recommending your services due to your efficiency and speed of delivery, Many thanks.

Mr M Langsford – Birmingham City Council

Many thanks for your prompt and highly efficient service – absolutely impeccable. I shall recommend you to all my friends! I really feel I’m in the hands of an expert. Doing business with you has been a thrill and a great pleasure. Finding your site on the internet is truly one of the best things that’s happened to me this year.

Ms Clare James – Limited