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Appointment of a director

It is the company’s existing directors that will start the process of appointing a new director. They do this by defining why a new director is needed and what role they will take. They can then start the process of identifying suitable applicants and select the most fitting person.

Having found a suitable candidate, and if the articles of association allow (as the Model Articles do) a new director can be appointed by a resolution of the board. Approval can either be made at a board meeting or via a written directors’ resolution signed by each of the directors.

Written confirmation of details and consent to act should then be sought from the new director and submitted to Companies House. The details should then also be added as a new appointment to the company’s register of directors and secretaries and register of appointments.

The details required for a new appointment are:-

  • Date of appointment
  • Full name of the new director
  • Date of birth
  • Business occupation
  • Residential address
  • Service address

There are no restrictions regarding the new director’s nationality or place of residence but there are some restrictions on who can be appointed as a director, including:

  • The appointee must be over the age of 16
  • They must not have been disqualified from acting as a company director
  • The proposed director cannot currently be in bankruptcy, unless a court has given permission
  • Auditors cannot be appointed as directors of companies for which they act

In addition it is also possible to appoint another company as a director, so long as a natural person is also appointed.

As part of our company secretarial service we can help with the appointment of a new director for your company. Our service includes directors minutes of a meeting confirm the appointment, completion and filing with Companies House and updating of company registers, including directors residential address register and directors interest as applicable.

Resignation of a director

The directors (and if appointed company secretaries) of a company can often change over the course of the life of the company.  There are many varied reasons why a director may resign, including but not limited to; retirement, ill health, resignation to take on a new job, change of management etc.

Unless there is a provision in the director’s service contract requiring the director to give a period of notice, a director may resign at any time by notice to the company. The notice of resignation should be in writing, and we can provide this notice for submission to the company as appropriate.

The company should also then inform Companies House within 14 days of the date the officer left office. It is the company’s responsibility to file this notice of resignation not the resigning directors. This is done by completing form TM01 for directors and form TM02 for company secretaries. We can complete and file these for you.

Companies will also then need to update the statutory registers of the company to show the resignation. This will include changes to the register of directors and secretaries, directors addresses and directors interests.

Often a resigning director is also a shareholder of the company and in these cases we can also help with the transfer or buy back of shares and updating of PSC details as required.

Our service for the resignation of company director will include minutes of a meeting, directors letter of resignation and fully updated company registers. We will also process and file the notification to Companies House

These services can be combined with each other or with any other company secretarial jobs as required. Please click below to purchase this service or to purchase this with any other secretarial service.

Our normal charge for the appointment or resignation of new company director is from £45. All companies are different, so we will need to look at the complexity and history of the company to make sure that the service can be completed as efficiently as possible. Please click on our quick quote link below and we will be in touch as soon as possible with a no-obligation quote.

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